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Chief Executive Officer Gunawan Jusuf has lead Sugar Group Companies to success and intends to keep doing just that. His job is to ensure that the various companies that make up Sugar Group Companies are working together and helping to grow the company as a whole.

Each of the subsidiary businesses that is involved in Sugar Group Companies has a specific mission and a set of responsibilities. They are charged with acting in concert to maximize the productivity of Sugar Group Companies as a whole. The subsidiaries in Sugar Group Companies are horizontally and vertically integrated in order to allow the companies to work together. Amongst these subsidiary companies are PT Indolampung Perkasa, PT Sweet Indolampung, and PT Gula Putih Mataram. Running a sugar cane plantation and a milling factory for sugar is the responsibility entrusted to PT IndoLampung Perkasa.

The sugar mills and plantations that are run by Sugar Group Companies are located in Lampung Province, Indonesia. However, there are more than ten additional offices spread out all over the country in order to manage the distribution of products more easily. “Gulaku” is the leading product created by Sugar Group Companies and it is a household name throughout Indonesia.

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